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July, 2013:

Gullane Games Week

Gullane Sports Development Trust supports Gullane Games week and looks forward to a week of sporting activity for locals and visitors alike. The week started with a tremendous turnout for the Golf yesterday morning with that being followed up by nearly 50 kids playing Hockey, Cricket and Football on Memorial Park in the afternoon. This shows the demand for kids sport in Gullane and what we can all achieve if we act together in the community to establish a sports hub for all.

Generous Golf Fans

A huge thanks to the generous golfing fans attending the Open at Muirfield this week. A staggering £2,000 was raised via our collecting tins at the Golflink drop off. This could not have happened without the much appreciated help of the Leslie Family, Vivienne Crummey, Suzie Walker, Anna Gordon, Alison Gibb, Nic Wilson and particularly the kids, Archie & Ellie Wilson, Amy Crummey, Lauren & Jess Mackie and Ross Lyle. The trust is indebted to Malcolm Sievwright for organising the licence, the collecting tins, and generally pulling all this together, a great effort.

See You at The Open

IMAG0863A huge thanks to a no. of local businesses who are kindly allowing us to place collecting tins on their premises during the Open. In addition we will be collecting for the Trust at Muirfield Park (between the Park & Ride drop off point & the Entrance Gates) so look out for us and encourage anyone you know to come and say hello! The plan is to collect 8am- 10am & 4pm -6pm Thursday & Friday as well as 9am-11am & 4pm -6pm Saturday & Sunday.  Also a massive thanks to Glyn Aitken for providing our very own Fundraising “Thermometer” which can be seen next to the Old Smiddy on the Main Street .